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Sekiryukan continues the tradition of Sosuishi-ryu which was founded in 1652 by Hannosuke-Masaaki Futagami. Traditionally, the Shitama family inherits official mastery of Sosuishi-ryu and, because of its affiliation with the Shitama family, Sekiryukan has also been known as Shitama Dojo. Sekiryukan has popularized judo over many years and has played a crucial part in keeping this classical martial art alive.

Sosuishi-ryu was created after Hannosuke-Masaaki Futagami studied the ancient technique of Takeuchi-ryu jujutsu, developing a new method in response to the range of techniques which he encountered during Musha-shugyo, an exploration of different disciplines by challenging warriors trained in different jujutsu techniques from all over Japan.

Throughout its history, a decline in the popularity of Sosuishi-ryu has often posed a real threat to its survival. However, the inheritors have always prevented this by learning and incorporating other techniques and theories such as Ogasawara-ryu and Kyushin-ryu, so that the tradition remains alive and relevant, and that the technique of Sosuishi-ryu is continuously developed. Today, this responsiveness to alternative disciplines is still maintained by the current 16th Master, Manzo Shitama, ensuring that Sosuishi-ryu technique continues to evolve.

The legacy of Sosuishi-ryu from past masters comprises of such a vast and complicated array of techniques that it is nowadays simplified to make it easier to learn. This was initiated by the 15th Master, Shusaku Shitama, to make Sosuishi-ryu accessible to as many people as possible, in recognition of increasing popular interest in classical martial arts.

Sosuishi-ryu technique is suitable for men and women alike. It is excellent for keeping fit and healthy, and can be learned as an effective form of self-defense. Why not try it?

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